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In furtherance of the club's mission to increase the number and success of fly fishers in the area, (and grow the number of conscientious stream and lake conservationists) we offer a range of opportunities to improve one's fishing skills.

A Fly Tying Academy is offered at least once each spring at the Carson City Sheriff's Office. This five evening class teaches the basics of fly tying materials, tools, and assembly techniques. Each night a fly with different materials is tied. The flies range from nymphs to streamers to dry flies, and are appropriate for local waters.

Additional fly tying is offered the second Thursday of each month at Empire Ranch.

A Fly Fishing Academy is offered early in the summer, and covers entomology, flies, rods and reels, knots, reading the water, and introductory casting. Class size is limited.

Beginning and intermediate fly casting sessions are offered as demand warrants. Basic casts including roll cast, false cast and forward cast and basic mends are offered. In the intermediate sessions, casts include techniques or skills for casting with a wind, or on moving water and maintaining a dead drift are covered.

Education is frequently a part of our regular meetings. Club members or guides will discuss specific regional waters, best locations and access, appropriate gear and flies, and techniques for enticing fish to eat your fly.

Our members like to share information and are happy to discuss technique, set up, and locations to help new fly fishers to become successful and enjoy the sport. We have monthly meetings, and club fishouts to provide frequent opportunities to ask questions of the more experienced anglers.

Periodically, a clinic series will be held to build fly rods.

The club also has a small library and will lend books or videos (VHS) to members.

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